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the only thing you need to know about public school is that people go hard as shit during classroom jeopardy review games. there are no friends here

Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.

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an hour is only 600 vines long


I love how rock lee is just like “I’m not using any type of jutsu. There is no trick. I’m straight up beating your punk ass”

1. He taught me how to care for someone. I looked at him like he was the world for 3 damn years but we were always too young and clueless to be something real.
2. He was my distraction. He told me I was cute and stayed up late to talk to me. I lost myself in him for a while but I could never really be his.
3. He fucked me over countless times and I still went back to him every chance I got. He wanted me to be something I wasn’t, and I pretended for him. He crushed me over and over and I kept letting him.
4. He was the first one to really care about me. He called me beautiful and told me I deserved the world, but I could never love him. I could never return the attention he was giving to me.
5. He was the one I loved. The one who pulled me close and danced with me in his kitchen with no music on and the one who drove me around in his car just to be with him. He smelled like smoke and his lips tasted so good that I kept kissing them. But he was poisonous. He was broken and he took it out on me.

five boys that i’ve met

I think I accidentally fell in love with you again.

Ten word story

Some people
are not worth
the risk,
or tears.

10 word story - j.b.

Homesick for arms that don’t want to hold me.

ten-word poem #30


I’m stuck between wanting:

1. A long lasting relationship with my soulmate who supports me and protects me and is my partner and we are completely bad ass together and in love

2. Wanting to have casual sex and rip out the heart of everyone person I meet

3. Being independent and having a loyal dog while I’m married to my career

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